About Smashtech

We believe that it’s possible to make something out of nothing.

Our founders’ story

From humble beginnings come great things. At Smashtech, we believe that it’s possible to make something out of nothing, because our founders have done just that.

In 2015, the history of Smashtech began. Two brothers who once faced homelessness turned the odds in their favor by believing in a great idea and relentlessly working towards success. They started operations from a makeshift apartment office, grew from a team of two to a small team of talented people, and kept going. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Smashtech has become one of the fastest growing companies in CA and it has been fully self-funded the entire way. With their dynamic team of innovative, driven, and creative individuals by their side, the founders look ahead, never forgetting where they started.

What we do

Consumer-focused marketing.

Our marketing strategies focus on the consumer, and it pays off. We provide real value, foster relationships, and put consumer needs first.

Data-driven insights.

We get real-world insights through data. We connect analytics to actions and continuously experiment, learn, and optimize.

User-centered design.

Our products are innovative, practical, and designed with the user in mind. We believe that achieving a better quality of life can be a seamless and delightful experience.

2016 Best Places to Work

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