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Smashtech Has The Happiest Employees—Here’s The Proof!

When it comes to work, what makes you happiest? 

Is it being part of a collaborative team with a common goal? Is it feeding your insatiable appetite for learning? Is it finding that perfect balance between the grind and good life?

Maybe it’s the office ping-pong table, but it probably has more to do with the leadership and support to achieve your career goals while creating something bigger than yourself.

Why all this talk about happiness, you ask? The news just broke that Smashtech won TINYpulse’s Happiest Company Award in Marketing & Advertising.

Given to the happiest, most engaged, and dynamic companies worldwide, this award is received by fewer than 1% of the thousands of organizations that utilize the TINYpulse employee engagement platform. 

Every award we receive is meaningful to us, but this one is especially sweet. Because it doesn’t come down to the choice of a committee. Like almost everything at Smashtech, it comes down to metrics. On average, across the industry—and among organizations like Microsoft, Lyft, Stitch Fix, and the Red Sox—Smashtech had the highest average happiness scores in 2018.

And where do those scores come from?

Our employees.

That’s why this award means so much to us and our founders, Anwar and Omar. It represents how clearly they’ve envisioned the culture of Smashtech, and how determined they’ve been to achieve it. 

It’s a vision—shared with and by every member of our team, past and present—that goes beyond the office environment of pool tables and 360º view; that runs deeper than competitive benefits and company socials; and that means more than KPIs and CSAT. It’s a vision that breaks pretty much every rule of the status quo. One where culture and productivity are seamlessly intertwined, and where coming to work doesn’t feel much like coming to work at all. It’s a vision that’s bigger than us.

That said, each of us are beyond grateful—even if we’re not wholly surprised. I mean… over a hundred employees collectively not hating Mondays makes for a pretty happy group. But moreso, we had a pretty badass 2018. And with the end of 2019 in sight, we’re as excited as ever for what’s ahead.