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Smashtech Stands For Brand And Product Integrity

Smashtech Wins Copyright Infringement Dispute Against Detox Organics  

As Smashtech continues on its meteoric rise to become the leading health, wellness and beauty e-commerce company, it has began investing heavily into protecting its brands and products. The company that founded the successful and popular SkinnyFit® brand, among others, has seen a rise in individuals and companies looking to imitate and infringe upon its brand. And, while they appreciate that imitation can be a form of flattery, copyright infringement is not something they will ignore.    

“The internet has made it incredibly easy for e-commerce copycats to ride on the hard work of others in an effort to fool customers into buying knockoffs that don’t put in the same research, product benefits, premium ingredients and customer education as we do” said Omar Imani, Co-Founder of Smashtech.

One of these infringers included Detox Organics, a company producing and promoting a detoxifying supplement. Smashtech alleged that Detox Organics engaged in intellectual property infringement by copying the SkinnyFit website. The parties were able to avoid litigation by reaching an undisclosed financial settlement agreement that upholds Smashtech’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property. Maintaining brand and product integrity is of the utmost importance to Smashtech and its founders, and they will do what it takes to make sure that consumers know when they are buying a true SkinnyFit product and not a copycat.

“Many violators are sometimes unaware that copyright infringement carries up to $150,000 in damages per claim. This settlement is a big win for brands like SkinnyFit, and our customers, and we hope it serves as an example for others as well as a deterrent for anyone thinking of engaging in intellectual property infringement.” Says Anwar Husain, Co-Founder of Smashtech.

Smashtech continues its thought leadership in the world of health, wellness and beauty by consistently creating innovative brands and breakthrough products. Be on the lookout for additional products, brands and exciting new category launches in 2019.