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Another Year Older Another Year Wiser: Smashtech Turns 3

Celebrating another year of success! Our founders have proven that through hard work, perseverance, and a passion for creation, you can make something out of nothing.

“Our mom always told us to pursue whatever it was that we were passionate about, regardless if we ever got paid. Omar and I spent years coming up with hundreds of ideas, bootstrapping everything and taking things as far as we could, without any results. We were never discouraged and we just kept moving on to the next idea. 2009 became the turning point that sparked our success. I was in college and Omar was working on Powermax Nutrition. The initial success of this business finally gave us a little bit of money and the ability to fund our next idea. In 2012, Omar moved to San Diego. Later that year, I quit my job and together, we focused on entrepreneurship full time. 2 weeks after quitting my job, we faced another challenge– our income stream from online sales completely stopped. I panicked, but Omar stayed calm. After all, I was new to this. Nothing really prepares you for a “real world” punch in the face– except experience. We spent the next 2 years living below our means and working on more ideas. By 2014, we were down to our last bit of cash. We had 3 months of money left to cover rent before getting evicted. Without hesitation, we bet it all on our next business. It paid off, massively… and went on to become the foundation of what would become Smashtech.” -Anwar, co-founder of Smashtech

We are looking forward to many more amazing years of learning, growth, and innovation… but we’ll never forget where we started. Cheers to the journey ahead!